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NW Dance Project

March 2015

Portland OR, USA

Music - Michael Gordon

Lighting - Jeff Forbes

Costumes - Lindsey Reif


Ching Ching Wong

Andrea Parson

Viktor Usov

Elijah Labay

Julia Radick

Franco Nieto 

Lindsey McGill

Samantha Campbell

"It’s hard to look away from such breathless abandon.”

Oregon Arts Watch

Inspired by the act of observing mind and the practice of attempting to tame mind. When I first began to meditate, I naively expected to have this immediate 'zen' like experience. That I would simply close my eyes and all would be calm. The reality could not have been further from this expectation, resembling more of a stormy chaos with thoughts and feelings vying for attention.  The work is a reflection on these initial stages of attempting to find the 'nowness' in this circus of limitless space.

I fell in love with Michael Gordon's electrifying score 'Weather One' many years ago and have been patiently waiting for the right moment to take on this challenging and exciting score. The roller coaster of complexity seemingly a reflection of the dance of mind as it returns to itself again and again.

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