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State of


NW Dance Project

September 2010

Portland OR, USA


Murcof, Ólafur Arnalds,

Max Richter


Andrea Parson 

Patrick Kilbane 

Elijah Labay

Joni Tuttle

Lex Dones

Ching Ching Wong 

Lindsey Matheis


Portland Monthly Magazine

“an exercise in impeccable control and elegance”

Maria Jacoob -

I discovered this poem 'The Clouds Inside" by Benjamin Wardell and became immediately fascinated by the comparison he had made between us and clouds. I began to read the poem over and found myself lost in his vision of the world above reflecting society and discovered that the more I read, the more detached I became from the situation; an observer seeing these words and worlds come to life but from the outside in, my mind creating what felt to be almost a memory.

This poem was the stimulus and inspiration which structured all decisions in the creative process for 'State of Matter' - whilst not aiming to tell a story as such, I wanted to see us through the minds eye of one person, removed, on a journey dictated, like clouds, by the opposing forces in life often beyond our control.

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