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Tanz Luzerner Theater

May 2013

Lucerne, Switzerland

Music - 

Olafur Arnalds,

Machinefabriek, Max

Richter, David Lang, Aaron

Martin,  Soap & Skin

Lighting - Ihsan Rustem

Set Design & Video           

Projection: Ida Zenna

Costumes - Margot Gadient


Samuel Deniz Falcon

Luca Signoretti

Salome Martins

Cecilia de  Madrazo Abad

Rachel Lawrence

Aurélie Robichon

Gaetano Terrana

Anthony Middleton

Giada Zanotti

"With strong emotional scenes, choreographer Ihsan Rustem features an exciting, modern image of the Greek hero - between adventure, seduction and exhaustion.

They are powerful images created so full of excitement and depth!”

Swiss Radio and Television (SRF)

Nostos (Homecoming)

Based on Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’, this modern adaptation follows the Greek hero’s cursed journey home through the eyes of it’s protagonist Odysseus

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