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NW Dance Project

June 2018

Portland OR, USA

Music - Savage Nightingale

Lighting - Jeff Forbes

Costumes - Alexa Stark


Andrea Parson

Franco Nieto

Katherine Disenhof

Anthony Pucci

Kody Jauron

Elijah Labay        

Samantha Campbell

William Couture

Julia Raddick

Lindsey McGill 

“If You Stay is a mesmerizing integration of movement, light and sound that sends us off into summer with a song.”

In the Spring of 2016 I had a chance encounter at a Portland karaoke bar which led me to the unique sounds and experimental flair of Brent Woodson Smith, who performs under the creative guise of Savage Nightingale.

The distinctly individual tones, vibrations, words and beats I experienced that day planted the seed that has grown into the collaboration we have. If You Stay explores the journey of relationships and worldly observations and has been very much influenced by the musical rollercoaster of Brent's vocals and the stories behind the songs - both original and covers. 

Savage Nightingale is a Portland based musical project formed by Vocalist/ Producer Brent Woodson Smith who is regularly accompanied by a number of local musicians - here with Alaskan born Collin Stackhouse on vocals, old-time banjo and Irish fiddle.

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