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National Ballet of Chile

March 2018

Santiago, Chile

Music - Multiple


Alexandra Romero

Amaru Piñones

Andrés Herrera

David Correa

Enrique Faúndez

Fabián Leguizamón

Facundo Bustamante

Gema Contreras

Guido Cañete

Ignacia Peralta

Marine Garcia

Morvan Texeira

Vanesa Turelli

Everything we do or say has been born out of actions that we ourselves have created. These creations have been carved out of experiences we have encountered. Speech is one of the most powerful and influential tools we have in life. Simple words have the capacity for great impact and  implications - both empowering and damaging. 

The voices began with those of our mothers and fathers. Then our teachers, friends and partners. Politicians, news, social media. All these influences have played a role in shaping who we are.

In an ideal world, all of these impressions would be valuable. But when they are not, how do we manifest the lasting scars?

What happens when our voice is not heard or, worse, shut down? We are changed. In our current times of the '#' generation, anger is being played out with passionate and empowering movements.

A raw, poignant and sometime humorous glimpse into our souls, 'Voices/Voces' is a collection of encounters, scenarios and scenes reflecting human experience.

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