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Whim W'Him

January 2018

Seattle, USA


Zoé Keating, Ludwig van Beethoven 




Michael Mazzola



Mark Zappone


Karl - Karl Watson

God - Cameron Birts

Devil - Tory Peil

Stone - Mia Monteabaro

Desire - Liane Aung

Shadow - Adrian Hoffman

Sea - Jim Kent

Rehearsal trailer LEVY Films




“Seed” was the evening’s highlight for me. “Seed” is the kind of dance that surprises and, for me, delights. It’s a narrative, of sorts, full of ensemble action, and quirky humor. And it showcases the dancers in the best possible way, playing to each of their individual strengths. Rustem has worked for companies around the world; lucky for us that Wevers has brought him to Seattle twice (so far).

Marcie Cillman

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